what effect does viagra have?
In modern society men are lurking a lot of factors that do not affect intimate life. Stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, unhealthy nutrition, deteriorating environment-all this leads to problems with potency. In some cases, these factors cause erectile dysfunction. Manufacturers offer special medicines to combat such important problems for men. One such effective means is the drug Viagra.
This drug is considered the most popular medicine for improving potency and fighting erectile dysfunction. Note that this product is a drug that has therapeutic effects on erectile dysfunction. Many similar drugs do not have this advantage. They only eliminate erectile dysfunction for several hours, their effect is symptomatic.
After the use of Viagra occurs blood flow to the genitals, as a result of improving potency, leaving fatigue, intimate life brings a pleasure. The duration of the effect is different, all individually. The price of the drug is available, so anyone can buy it.


what effect does cialis give?
Cialis is a drug that fights erectile dysfunction in men. The active substance of the drug is tadalafil. This component improves the erection, as well as the quality, duration of sexual intercourse. The maximum validity period of the drug is 36 hours. Such a long-lasting effect has not given any pill for potency. But it should not be concluded that Cialis is more effective than other similar means. Men estimate the effect of popular pills about the same. However, this product is recommended for older people, for whom it is safe and gives excellent results.
Many note that the greater effect is achieved after taking the pill for the second time. The action turns out more powerful and long. Reception of the substance is allowed at any time of day, there are no restrictions on alcohol or food consumption. This medicinal remedy is considered safe and has a minimum number of side effects. They include the nasal congestion and possible allergic reaction. Attracts buyers and affordable price. And when you order in online stores, the cost is significantly reduced.


What effect does levitra give?
According to the surveys, the ideal treatment for erectile dysfunction should have the following advantages:
Good effect,
Reliability, Harmlessness,
A short period of action,
Easy reception.
All these requirements are answered levitra. This is an effective drug that helps eliminate the inability to achieve an erection and get full pleasure from sexual intercourse. Getting into the body, the substance instantly penetrates into the bloodstream and spreads throughout the body, thanks to this and achieved a rapid reaction after use. The first signs of action men notice in 25 minutes. Here everything is strictly individual, some of the action is already in 5 minutes after the reception.
The action from the medication is maintained for 5 hours. As doctors note, the maximum level of the drug in the blood is observed one hour after the reception-at this time is the peak of the action, then it slowly subsides. The price of Levitra is different, it all depends on the place where you bought it. Thus, it is more affordable to buy in internet shops than in usual pharmacies and retail stores.